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Snowboarding Basics

You probably can't wait to get up and running (or should we say riding?) with your snowboard if you haven't done so
already. But before you rush out for some powder, let's go through some snowboarding basics.

Snowboarding Styles
Your preferred snowboarding style will influence the type of terrain you cover and, more importantly, the type of equipment you'll need to get the most out of your ride.

Dressing In Layers
Dressing in the right attire will give you the flexibility of adapting to cold or sunny conditions by adding or removing layers as required to ensure a high level of safety, fun and comfort.

Establishing Your Stance
Getting your stance right is vital in ensuring that you and your snowboard achieve optimum balance and timing while efficiently using your energy and muscle strength.

Should You Take Lessons?
If you've never ridden a snowboard before, it will probably be a good idea to invest in a day or two of snowboarding lessons with a trained and certified instructor. Otherwise, with a little patience, you can go the self-taught route.

Finding Your Way Around Resorts
Finding your way around large resorts can be confusing at times. Knowing how to use trail maps, read signs and use methods of transportation common to all resorts will make it easier for you.

Using Lifts
You'll eventually be using lifts to get up the slope again when snowboarding. Here are some tips on getting on and off lifts safely.

Safety Tips and Injury Prevention
Being aware of the risks involved in snowboarding and taking the necessary safety measures will minimize the possibility of accidents or injury, thereby maximizing the time you have to spend on your favorite sport.

The Duck Stance
The duck stance is one where the back foot is set to a negative angle so that both feet are effectively pointing outwards while the shoulders are parallel to the board. Find out if you should use it.

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