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General Snowboarding Information

History of Snowboarding
Find out about how about the roots of snowboarding. What was the first snowboard and how did it originate? When was snowboarding finally accepted as a sport?

Skiing vs Snowboarding
You may be trying to decide if you should try skiing or snowboarding first up. Or perhaps you're an accomplished skier and you've decided to give snowboarding a go. Here's what you'll need to know to decide.

Pros and Cons of being a Snowboard Instructor
Considering a career as a snowboard instructor? In this article, we'll break down what you can expect as well as the pros and cons of becoming an instructor.

Snowboard Instructor AASI Certification
A step by step guide for anyone interested in becoming a snowboard instructor and getting AASI certification.

Riding on Dry Slopes
Dry slopes are man-made slopes which provide an alternative terrain for snowboarders wanting to snowboard during the summer. Find out what they are and precautions to take.

Snowboard Size Chart
Size chart listing recommended board length, width and sidecut based on terrain, riding style and the weight and foot size of the rider.

Glossary of Terms
A list of terms, jargon and abbreviations usually used around snowboarding circles.

Additional Resources
Additional resources for snowboarding.

Snowboard Equipment
Jackets & Pants
Stomp Pad & Leash
Snowboarding Basics
Snowboarding Styles
Dressing In Layers
Establishing Your Stance
Taking Lessons
Resorts Guide
Safety Tips
Learn To Snowboard
First Day Tips
Maneuvers For Beginners
Key Movements
Your First Turns
Riding In Powder
Freestyle Tricks
Backcountry Riding
General Information
History of Snowboarding
Skiing vs Snowboarding
Size Chart
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