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You should always wear a good pair of snowboard goggles during your ride to protect your eyes from the wind, snow, bright sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.
This is especially important during windy and stormy conditions. Here are some pointers when it comes to choosing a quality pair of goggles.

Fog Control

It's pretty hard to be ripping up the mountains when you can't see. Fog control is one of the most important duties your goggles must perform and it all comes down to your goggles' lens and ventilation.

There really isn't a reason for you to choose single-lens goggles unless you're absolutely strapped for cash. Always go for double-lens (or even triple-lens) goggles. These greatly assist in fog control via the presence of a chamber of air between each lens to separate the air inside your goggles from the cold extremes outside.

A well designed and constructed pair of goggles will also optimize air flow through proper venting which will further reduce the level of fogging by drawing out moisture while preventing snow intrusion.

Peripheral Vision

Because snowboarding involves movement primarily in a sideways direction, you'll want to get a pair of goggles with a wrap-around design which allows for peripheral vision. That way, you'll get as full a view as possible of your surroundings while minimizing the risk of ploughing straight into something you'd rather not hit.

Lens Color

Many snowboard goggles will allow you to change your lens according to your preference or the light conditions. Each lens color will work best based on the intensity of the sunlight for the day. Typically, a yellow or rose lens will work for cloudy overcast days while you may like to go with a dark tint or silver reflective lens for bright days. If you choose to snowboard at night, you could even opt for a clear lens.

Fit and Comfort

Needless to say, your goggles should fit comfortably on your face while sealing off the wind and snow from your eyes. A good quality pair of goggles will also be designed to fit well with a helmet by providing extra grip on its strap should you choose to wear one.

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