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Learning to snowboard does not have to be a painful and frustrating experience. By understanding and learning the basic maneuvers one step at a time, you'll find that snowboarding is actually quite an easy skill to acquire once you know how to go about it.

Tips For Your First Day
You've got your gear, you've had a good night's rest and you're dressed in comfortable layered clothing. Now it's time to get straight into your first snowboarding experience.

First Maneuvers For Beginners
Edging, skating, basic stopping and traversing are some of the first maneuvers you should learn practice on gentle slopes during your first day of snowboarding.

Key Fundamental Maneuvers
After you are comfortable with the basic skills, it's time to master fundamental maneuvers such as traversing on a slope, sideslips and garland turns.

Learning Your First Turns
Putting all of your skills together will allow you to perform your first turn and before too long, you should be able to link your turns together in a fluid and rhythmic manner.

Carving with a snowboard is an advanced art form which takes time to master. By tipping the board on its edge sufficiently, you can exploit your board's sidecut and flex to provide the turning power.

Riding In Deep Powder
Anyone who has ever experienced the exhilaration of riding in deep powder will tell you it is the ultimate in snowboarding.

Tips For Performing Tricks
For some, this is why they decided to snowboard in the first place. Riding air, catching air, spinning and board grabbing are all part of a freestyle rider's repertoire.

Backcountry Riding
As the abilities of enthusiasts mature, many begin to search for new experiences and eventually return to the roots of snowboarding i.e. riding in the backcountry, far from the packs of visitors at the busy resorts.

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