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If you've never ridden a snowboard before, it will probably be a good idea to invest in a day or two of
snowboarding lessons with a trained and certified snowboard instructor.

Taking lessons will ensure that you avoid picking up any bad habits while allowing you to fast track the development of your basic fundamental skills in a safe environment. Learning the proper techniques for stopping and sliding at an early stage will also help to minimize the risk of hurting or injuring yourself or others while riding through the mountains.

Private or Group Lessons

You have basically two options when it comes to taking lessons i.e. groups lessons or private lessons. Deciding on which type of lessons to take will depend on your level of fitness, any experience with similar sports involving balance such as surfing or skateboarding and how much help you realistically feel you will need.

If you're more of a social person, you may like the chance to meet other fellow learners when taking group lessons. Take into consideration the size of the group for the lessons you are taking. If the group is too large, your instructor (and fellow novices) may not have the patience
to slow things down for you if you happen to lag behind. As a result, you may find yourself struggling to keep up and this will not be a pleasant experience.

There is not a doubt that you'll progress much faster with private lessons from your own personal instructor. Naturally, this will cost a bit more than group lessons but the benefits you will gain from the individual attention afforded to you as well as the chance to learn at your own pace could well be worth the amount you pay.


So you think lessons are uncool or maybe you just want to save a few dollars by going the self-taught route. While it is completely possible to teach yourself how to snowboard with patience and an understanding of the fundamental skills involved, be aware that this will involve plenty of experimentation and risk.

Your best bet will be to choose a nice and easy run with a gentle gradient, soft powder and hopefully very little traffic to try out the various tips you've learned from this wonderful website (sarcasm intended). Closely observing the basic techniques performed by other more competent riders will also provide you with an idea of what you should be working on.

Learning From a Buddy

If you're lucky enough to have a close friend who's mastered the fundamental skills of snowboarding, try getting a few free snowboarding lessons and pointers when you can. Often, a willing and patient friend will be of equal or even greater value to a personal trainer without the cost!

The trouble is, of course, if your friend is anything like most snowboarders, they're probably more interested in exploring the mountain or grabbing some air than giving away free lessons.

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