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Snowboard Stomp Pad and Leash

A snowboard stomp pad and leash are two of the more important accessories you'll need to round out your gear before you hit
the powder. This is especially important for beginners so you can get off those chairlifts gracefully and prevent your snowboard from jetting off without you.

Snowboard Stomp Pad

Stomp pads are placed between your bindings, preferably just in front of your back foot. Stomp pads provide some means for cleaning or scraping the snow off your boots. They are particularly useful, however, when jumping off chairlifts to provide traction for your back foot which will not be strapped in to your board.

Stomping onto your pad with your back foot will provide some grip between your boots and your board allowing you to to glide away quickly from approaching riders coming from the chairlifts behind you to a safe place where you can get into your bindings again.

It's important to be able to place your foot onto
the stomp pad while looking in the direction you are moving. If you are not yet comfortable with doing so, practice placing your back foot on the stomp pad without looking until it becomes second nature. Having to look down while trying to position your foot will not only slow you down but will also affect your balance and increase the chances of a collision.

If your board does not come with a built-in stomp pad, you can (and should) purchase them separately. Snowboard stomp pads are relatively inexpensive (compared to your other gear) and are not too difficult to install. Most just use some form of adhesive to stick onto your board.

Snowboard Leash

A leash is the cord or strap that connects your front foot to your front binding through the use of hooks, clips or straps. They are primarily used for preventing your snowboard from launching itself down the slopes in its own self-assigned seek and destroy mission.

Imagine having to ask the person you just flattened for your snowboard back or having to confess to the resort that you didn't have your leash attached because you need their help in locating your snowboard.

Leashes should typically come when you purchase your bindings or board. Otherwise, like snowboard stomp pads, they can be purchased separately for a smallish price.

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